a sailor’s wedding

unique event in the Vietnamese recreational boating community, a community that is so small that even a kayaker like me have chances to know other players of other water sports such as sailboat, SUP, motor canoes, free or Scuba diving… And that’s the wedding of my friend, who helps founding and running VTSA – Vũng Tàu sailing club. Assembled together for the parade is 4 big sailboats, 2 monohulls and 2 catamarans.

A small parade with those 4 sailboats, about 20 nautical miles, running from Vũng Tàu city to VietsoPetro resort, where the wedding celebration and party were held on the beach. The weather was so fine, though winds are a bit weak. Taking parts in the parade are the bride and groom, their sailor friends and some invited guesses. Such a special event, and such joyful moments among our friendly circle that we could never forget.