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je viens d'un pays qui n'existe plus, je viens d'un paradis perdu


p characterassionately, I love travelling, going here and there, but actually to the present day, haven't had much chances to go as I wish. It's so good to come and see, the diversity of lives and cultures, even in the very different parts of a very small country like Việt Nam. Down to the sea or up to the mountains, through the jungles or down the coral reefs, I wish I could be there, before this brutal cash economy would surely detroy them all. To meet different kinds of peoples, to know them personally and genuinely, before this insane modern society would definitely spoil them all. Some typical trips below, or more in the Photos section.

Côn Đảo, 2013

My 10 days retreat to a remote island, one of the most untouched place remained in Việt Nam. Snow - white sand beach, calm jade - blue water, the clear sky, small fishing community with a slow living style, not touristy still, the place is perfect for one to have a chance to live by oneself, and only for oneself, to hear the falling rain in the afternoon, to listen to the rising tide every sunset. Images of a small boat lying leisurely on the beach, the lightly fragrant and fresh smell of cỏ ống, a local kind of grass, the sound of the town's clock every due hour, wuthering sound of wind every nights... all makes me think that there must have beena simple time, where everyone was living in serenity and happiness.

Bắc hành, 2014

A 20 days trip by buses and train during the 2014 Lunar new year to the northern parts of Việt Nam: Hà Nội, Ninh Bình and some mountainous provinces closed to China border: Sapa, Lào Cai, Lai Châu... especially the Đồng Văn karst plateau and other parts of Hà Giang. Consider myself a southern "islander", the differences of the northern mountainers raised in me lots of curiosity and inspiration. I would remember most the imposing and perilous mountain ranges where one could be stunned by their heights, and the diverse colorful world of various ethnic minorities living there. Those were also their new year holiday, people is opened and friendly, boys and girls dating, going to the markets in their most beautiful costumes.

Bắc hành, 2015

My trans - Việt Nam trip on motorbike, from Sài Gòn, going up north to visit Hà Nội by road 1A, then from there, visiting many northern provinces: Sơn Tây, Yên Bái, Lai Châu, Sapa, Lào Cai, Hà Giang, Tuyên Quang, Vĩnh Phúc... going in part, along the China border line, before coming back to Hà Nội. Main points of interest: the terraced rice fields in Mù Cang Chải, Y Tý, Bát Xát, Mường Khương, Si Ma Cai, Hoàng Su Phì... and the H'Mong communities in Đồng Văn, Mèo Vạc (Hà Giang). On the way back to Sài Gòn, I took the Hồ Chí Minh highway, west of and parallel to road 1A, crossing many beautiful mountainous terrains. 6000 km in 30 days, capturing lots of pictures to remember those wonderful experiences.

Bắc hành, 2016

Intended to be a trans - Laos voyage on motorbike, it turned out to be another trans - Vietnam trip instead. However, this trip covered many North - Western and North - Eastern parts of Vietnam that I've never been to before, and in a sense, supplementing my last year and the year before trips. 50 days on motorbike, I've visited many beautiful and interesting provinces of Vietnam: Mai Châu, Mộc Châu, Điện Biên, Sơn La, Lai Châu, Hà Giang, Cao Bằng, Lạng Sơn... and on the way back, visiting Bắc Ninh, Ninh Bình and many other regions in the central of Vietnam. Almost 8000 kilometers, sometimes in very cold weather. Well, it's only until now that I could say that I've visited and enjoyed most parts of my country.

Bắc hành, 2017

Yet another trans - Vietnam trip with my motorbike, this time going all along the Vietnamese coast. The newly - built connected system of coastal roads has opened me to various sceneries that is not accessible in previous times, passing through many beautiful shores, rivers and estuaries, rocks and mountains, boats and ships... The 44 days trip is also my personal survey on various spots along the Vietnamese coast line, in preparation for a trans - Vietnam paddling trip with my kayak, a journey that I hope, could be materialized some time in the future. The trip also helps broadening my understanding on various maritime traditions and different life styles across the many diverse parts of Vietnam.


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