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je viens d'un pays qui n'existe plus, je viens d'un paradis perdu

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w characterelcome to my personal website, you can check out the blog for my random thoughts on various topics: programming, software engineering, computer graphics, music, history, literature, etc... I love languages, (strong typed) programming languages are just among them. My career path, as a software engineer, has been revolving around many dialects of the C language: Turbo C/C++, Borland C/C++, Watcom C/C++, Visual C++, gcc, glibc, Obj-C... When not coding, I would be messing around with boats: building small watercrafts, or paddling around with my kayaks. I could be reached via the Contact page, my email: tkxuyen {at} gmail {dot} com, cellphone: 0908292724, or my Facebook page.



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