the rain on the leaves

ome interesting recently – collected video documents: Phạm Duy with Steve Addiss on his song: Giọt mưa trên lá (the rain on the leaves) and Phạm Duy with the legendary Pete Seeger and the American folk song Clementine. Center image: the original poster of the song, and the original Vietnamese rendition (by the singer Thái Thanh) on the left.

Giọt mưa trên lá - Thái Thanh 
The rain on the leaves 
Steve Addiss & Phạm Duy

It’s not an abnormal thing to see church – music – influential songs like this to be the first to catch notices from Westerners (the Vietnamese – native pentatonic is harder to digest however). Indeed the song has been thought by some as a translation of a certain American folk song, which is absolutely not. The same is applied to several other Vietnamese songs, such as this Scents of Yesteryears, which easily touch the hearts of listeners outside VN.