lés travailleurs de la mer

Nơi nghĩa trang chật hẹp, tiếng vọng âm vang,
Chẳng một nhánh liễu xanh mùa thu trút lá,
Không một khúc hát ngây thơ buồn bã,
Góc cầu xưa người hành khất thường ca.

ritten with a Pencil stylus on an iPad using our own home – brew inking technology. Excerpt from the famous novel Lés travailleurs de la mer (Toilers of the Sea), Victor Hugo, and my literal, clumsy English translation: Navigation, it is education, sea is the brave school… The voyageur Ulysse had done lots more deeds then the Achille combatant. The sea quenches man, if soldiers are made of iron, then the mariners must have been made of steel. Look at them, in the ports, those tranquil martyrs, the silent winners, man figures with a religious look in their eyes as they’ve come out of the abyss…