y proudly – announced achievement for the last 6 working months, now is a registering (pending) patent in the U.S. It’s about create inking effect to handwriting on iPad (ideally with a stylus): you can apply many pen styles: ball pen, fountain pen, calligraphy pen, Chinese round brush, and different levels of ink wetness. You may have seen my handwriting in severalpreviousposts, but this is completely different, a big step forward, much more a realistic look like ink on paper. You need to see it in action to witness how interesting the “beautification effect” it is!

Different pen styles:

Different ink wetness:

Another writing example, a poem in both Vietnamese and Chinese:

And now, a real world application, my new year greeting card, hand – written on iPad, printed on paper, with my signature and personal seal on it. Old vintage things are not to be perished, they just come back in new neoclassical forms, to have “inflated”, “degraded” contemporary values reprimanded! 😀