neo – analog

t has been in my mind for quite a long time, the coined term of neo analog, just like neo classical, neo colonial, neo nazi… Starting from Kindle, I love the idea of an e – book reader with e – ink display which mimics traditional reading material (no more developing on Kindle, gave it to my sister already). Then came the interesting concept of Livescribe, the smart pen that records your hand writing & drawing, then this latest “toy”, a vinyl disc player.

Trường ca Hội Trùng Dương 
(Thái Thanh & hợp ca Thăng Long)

I’ve been making a small collection of Vietnamese oldies on vinyl discs, which are really hard to find at the moment. This is an entry – level turntable that can be connected to PC via USB cable. The sound can be captured into digital format as the analog device is being played. Images on the left: the turntable connected to PC, and recording with Audacity on my Ubuntu laptop. I’m digitalizing the lovely songs from the 2 discs brought back from my last trip to Dalat.

Every motivation that makes a man do something can be classified under: survival, social life and entertainment. Progress is defined as reaching a higher category: not doing a thing merely for survival, but for social reasons, and then, even better, just for fun. (Linus Torvalds’ law)

For the time being, I still can not refine the sound quality recorded via USB on this Ubuntu laptop, though the really aging discs still produce good sound with speakers 😢. Would post the music samples once they are done, the very early recordings of outstanding Vietnamese masterpieces!

Updated Oct, 27th

Let listen to the beautiful music on the margin. What’s next on neo analog!? Something would be mentioned in one of my next blog post!