cape of Nghênh Phong



Hoành giang từ – kỳ tam – Lý Bạch

Bạch lãng như sơn na khả độ,
Cuồng phong sầu sát tiễu phàm nhân.

Bó tay, sóng núi bạc đầu,
Khách thuyền sốt ruột chết sầu gió điên!

aptured few days ago at cape of Nghênh Phong, Vũng Tàu. White breaking waves everywhere, and winds are extremely violent, true to the name (Nghênh Phong in Vietnamese means: to welcome the wind, well, they’re for sure warmly welcomed there). It’s even hard to hold the phone steadily in one hand. My initial plan has to be postponed to another time! 😢

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