the begin and end of love

Et l’amour est mort, vive l’amour!

Two very old, glamorous songs, one for the beginning and one for the end of love (both are recorded on LP vinyl disks long time ago). There’s no reason for love to begin, we were young, and we were fool… But there’re reasons for love to vanish… then comes a time… et l’amour est mort, vive l’amour! 😢. Let taste the music for all sweet and bitter of love…

La Bohème - Charles Aznavour 
La complainte des infidèles - Sidney Bechet 

Image on the left: Charles Aznavour, one of the most well-known singers in the world. His music heritage includes about 1000 songs (mostly in French, 150 in English, 100 in Italian, 70 in Spanish, and 50 in German), and sold well over 100 million records.