phạm duy’s music

hese days, I’m very interested in Pham Duy’s music and gather an almost – completed collection of his songs. Besides the outstanding melodies, rhythms, harmonies and forms, I’ve tried to explore the root of all evils (all good and bad), here the microtones, something so crucial and unseparatable to our nature.

Sometimes, I wonder if these things had been extinct and still conceivable in our current chaotic cultural environment. Below are some midi files to get an idea on the music. Synthesizers (computer MIDI…) can now partly convey the microtones thanks to new improvements.

You can hear to get an idea on his music. For mp3s, try out online music sites such as: Tôi yêu tiếng nước tôi, từ khi mới ra đời, người ơi…, the musician should be acknowledged as the most brilliant figure in Vietnamese music.

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