aving written myself numerous UI widgets, from simple to complex, from Windows to Linux, from 2D to 3D… but I’ve just started writing iOS widgets not too long ago. Making iOS widgets is really fun, for we have supports from the most powerful 2D graphics system ever built, that is CoreGraphics (Quartz 2D). The code, hosted on github, is released under MIT license, check it out for a demo project, I hope that these widgets would be useful somewhere, but yes, I know, don’t complain about the code quality, most is written in a rush and still have flaws in it, use at your own discretion!

1.   XFilePathHeader

This tabular header let you quickly browse a hierachy structure (like file system directories). The levels are shown as tabs, tap on a tab to jump to a parent folder, tap on the “Home” icon to jump to root folder.

2.   XSegmentedControl

The Apple’s standard UISegmentedControl only displays text, not image. This class lets you use image along with text (or image or text alone) in any orders (image then text, or text then image).

3.   XProgressTextField

This is a copy of Safari’s address textfield which shows a progress bar while the webpage is loading. Would continue to add more of these miscellaneous tiny widgets just for fun when I have time.