byzero stylus

uch an interesting device I’ve used recently, a stylus for iPad. While stylus like Wacom’s Bamboo is fine for general sketching, it’s not really suitable for fine – grained drawing. This Byzero takes a different approach as it does not use iPad’s touches, but provides its own mechanism. Image on the left: you can see that the pen is actually an ultra sound source, two microphones (and an infrared receiver) in a single piece plugged into the iPad connector port. Pen position detection is done by triangulation on the acoustic signals. This kind of setup can be found on many other things like this 3D laser scanner.

If you use the iPad seriously for taking notes and drawing, a stylus like this is a must, sometimes your thoughts, ideas can only be expressed with a pen: text, drawing and all kinds of presentations on a page. The stylus is sensitive, it can captures any glyphs you draw. However, it’s very irritating that the calibration process is not really exact: pen position is offset – ed by a small varying distance, and with a noticeable delay… This reduces the usability of the stylus much since it’s important to have immediate and correct responses on the screen for user to make micro – adjustments in his hand to produce good writing, drawing.