kindle touch

ell, having played with this “irresistible” Kindle Touch for almost two weeks. The good thing is that I can now continue with my favorite readings on e – ink display like before. The even better thing is that there’s no more clumsy buttons, only “touches”. I’m trying to keep my habit of reserving 4 ~ 6 hours a week for reading, and reading only, no email, no web surf meanwhile, just to be a little bit calm, slow and undistracted. The device now is smaller and fits into my jacket’s pocket so that I can carry it anywhere, just like a small notebook. Image on the left: Kindle Touch, next to an iPad 2 to compare the form – factors.

Updated, Jan 8th

A perfect complement for Kindle touch would be this SolarKindle, a cover and solar charger which would be available on the market next January to eliminate your need for charging a Kindle ever again!