vinyl collection

uite a modest beginning for a vinyl collection, but anyhow it is initiated. Would I be an audiophile? Definitely not, vinyl might sound warmer, more acoustic, even addictive to some, but they are certainly not of the best quality. Could I be an antique collector? Absolutely not, that’s a race of money in which I would surely be the loser. Or is it a hobby to prove oneself fashionable, à la mode? Equally nope, so what is special about vinyl? Let me remind you that values are in – tangible, they does not exist on the discs, on the turntable, they exist when you feel and understand the sound!

Btw, this is the 300th post on the blog, 300 in 6 years, on average one a week.

Above are some of my Vietnamese discs which date back to the 1965 ~ 1975 period (actually Vietnamese music are much harder to find compared to Western music). For the moment, Thái Thanh, Mai Hương, Kim Tước…’s discs are extremely rare, you can count with the fingers in your hand. Khánh Ly, Lệ Thu, Hà Thanh…’s records are easier, but still somewhat hard to find. Discs of Hoàng Oanh, Thanh Thúy… are still around, just spent time to find some. For others like Chế Linh, Tuấn Vũ, Hùng Cường, Mai Lệ Huyền… music of the masses, huge piles of them exist until today. That totally reflects the picture of a pyramid!