serenity-2, part 7

est rolling with my newly – built Serenity – 2, just a few hours on water is better than any other types of therapy / detox. (On a side note: me in the video look more and more quite like Trotsky! 🙂) Serenity – 2 has, compared to the previous build, one more centimeter of freeboard, its aft – deck is also higher, but the font – the deck profile has been reduced cross – sectionally. So, it’s not easier or harder to roll, just feel quite the same. Once the minor leak was detected and fixed, the two for – n – aft compartments are absolutely dry, not a single drop of water gets in even I was rolling for more than an hour. I’m more than happy with that, knowing that your storage would be water – proof and safe!

But even more important is that you know your “positive – buoyancy” is safe – guarded, once you’re out there “in the blue” (not now, still “in the brown”!) Well, unless the hull is breached, but if that’s the case, it’s yourself, not the boat anymore, that is to be worried about. Some people would like to stuff the boat with foam or inflatable bags to reserve buoyancy, but in my case, that’s not really feasible, having to carry a considerable – amount of provision, there’s not any storage space to spare! Watching the video, I’ve noticed how small the kayak has become, there’re quite some differences between 15.5′ and 18′. Will try to have some longer paddling in the upcoming weeks, to get to know the boat better!

To be updated…