serene – 3, part 29

irst half of 2018 is kind of a huge mess for me, everything unsettled for quite a long period of time, and I could hardly find any times to go paddling at all 😢😢. You could guess what the feelings were like, when the newly – built kayak has to stay dried for an extended period of time, and the paddler dwell into a rather prolonged fatigue mood. However, things got better gradually, most of my works has come back on the right track, and it is just so wonderful to get back onto water again! 😀😀

There are so many things to be tried with the new kayak! But first, just some paddling around to wake up my muscles again after quite a long period of “hibernation”. And there are so many things that happens during my idle times, the 2 large bridges of Bình Khánh and Phước Khánh are being completed, crossing over the 2 waterways (Lòng Tàu and Soài Rạp) through which the Sài Gòn river flows to the sea. But what I worry most is the 3 large dams are being built, isolating a very large area.

All Nhà Bè and 7th districts would be isolated once the 3 dams are completed, no more rising and lowering tides, just but dead – flat water, that would be a very bad news, at least for a kayak – paddler like me, as boats crossing through the dams would only be allowed at certain times throughout a day. Yes, I certainly wouldn’t want to paddle in a large calm pool of static water, that’s no fun at all. But there’s still time (1 ~ 2 years) until all these big building projects got finished and put into uses.