serene – 3, part 30

aving accumulated hundreds of kilometers with this Serene – 3, mostly paddling the water around my home area, I feel very pleased with my latest kayak! It behaves better than any of my previous boats: tracking straight, nimble and agile, while maintaining a larger stability margin. However, the last 2 years in my life have seen many big changes, ups and downs, and also, I have moved my workshop to a new place, so I couldn’t have much time for kayaking and building new equipments.

Things gradually get better, my personal life and work settled again, and naturally, I’ve got more time for kayaking. First is finishing this very – long building process (almost 2 years by now). I’ve added some few more assets to Serene – 3. A new cart is built in 3 pieces, that could be assembled / disassembled quickly. I’ve used a same – sized, but lighter pair of wheels. The cart, when disassembled, could be stored inside the rear hatch so that it won’t interfere with boat motions in action.

I’ve also built a new seat from tortured plywood, a much more comfortable one, slightly wider, with a slanted back (easier to get in / out), and a soft, closed – cell – foam back rest. The job looks easy, but really, it requires practical experiences to build a comfortable seat, the one you would probably spend many continuous hours of hard – paddling on. 4th image: the near – completed seat (without the foam block), would post more photos of the finished, painted cart and seat later on soon!

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