bike speedometer

recent add – on to my bike, a speedometer, image on the left is captured with my phone while on the ride. Quite a bunch of features inside a cheap electronics mounted on the handlebar, it can show the following information: current speed, maximum speed and average speed, distance (odometer), and time (current time, ellapse timer, stopwatch timer). I did want an advanced device with more features: GPS and mapping, heart – rate monitoring, temperature, humidity reporting… but such an device is even more expensive than the bike itself.

So basically distance, time, and velocity is what you need to keep track of your daily exercising already! Just wonder how the devices works: a magnet is attached to the front wheel, opposite to it, in a stationary position is a magnetic sensor, each round the wheel rotates, the sensor updates a counter, then all other things are just simple calculations with a built – in quartz clock!

Update April 26th

Here is the statistics read from the speedometer after 5 days (with 1 day off), total travel distance: 102.1 km, total time: 6h 23′, average speed 15.9 km/h, maximum speed: 33.5 km/h, average biking per day: 25.5 km, average time spent per day: 1h 36′, quite a serious physical exercising indeed!.

Update May 3rd

Counters updated after 12 days: total travel distance: 287.5 km, total time: 16h 55′, average speed: 17.0 km/h, maximum speed: 37.5 km/h, average biking per day: 23.9 km, average time spent per day: 1h 25′. See declines in time and distance, but some improvement in average (sustained) speed!

Update May 17th

Just pass the first 500 km today, 507.9 km to be exact, total spent time: 27h 10′, average speed: 18.7 km/h, maximum speed: 37.9 km/h, average biking per day: 20.3 km, average time spent per day: 1h 5′. I was biking less these days, but the sustained speed is steadily improved!