Cẩm sắt vô đoan ngũ thập huyền,
Nhất huyền nhất trụ tứ hoa niên…
 Channels and Winds 
 Ragas in minor scale 
Meetings along the edge 

artly presented very long before, some compositions that’s highly inspirational to me, the Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass album: Passages. I particularly like the Meetings along the edge and Ragas in minor scale pieces. It’s a real pleasure to enjoy the profound sounds of the Indian sitar, sarod, tabla… in conjunction with the Western instruments violin, viola, cello… For so long, my mind has been too dull and monotonous… for such a delicate and elegant music.

year end blue

Without music, life would be a mistake!

ever has this German philosopher’s words rang true like this year end! Year end’s blues! I’m spending most of my time listening to Ravi Shankar’s ragas… the co-operation between sitar (Indian guitar), tabla (Indian percussion), surbahar (Indian bass guitar) and few other instruments… Splendid! Let listen to Ravi Shankar in this East meets West – Ragas in Minor scale (cowork with Philip Glass – Passages album – 1990)

Ragas in Minor scale - Ravi Shankar 

Unlike Western conventional music, Indian traditional music does not base on harmony and chord, but rather bases directly on melody & rythm as the rawest elements. While the songs might sound a bit exotic to me, it’s truer and nearer to my nature of vibration (compared to the now everywhere-spreading comtemporary pieces).