the symphony of destiny


his is supposed to be the most popular piece of Western classical music. It’s played repeatedly on all broadcasting media, and everyone must be very familiar with this #5 of Beethoven’s symphonies. Don’t know why but it seems to me that I would prefer the modern performance of the 12 girls band.

It brought more freshing air compared to the classical one. The thing here: Beethoven’s famous opening pattern: “short – short – short – long” (repeated twice), the pattern that is said to be mysterious since it resembles the Morse code (dot – dot – dot – dash) of the letter V (victory), which stands for human hopes when facing their Destinies.

the twelve girls band


he band name in Chinese: 女子十二乐坊 (tiếng Việt: “nữ tử thập nhị nhạc phường”), or in English simply: “the twelve girls band”. The Chinese, they have been long improving their traditional musical instruments. We can see that the sounds contain more “metal” than “wood” and “stone”, however, they’re more suitable for modern performing. It’s great to perform (both western and eastern) music in traditional instruments like this, and the compositions are really splendid too.