my workshop – 2

Như dòng sông ra đại dương, qua bao ghềnh và đá cheo leo.
Đấu tranh này bền lòng em ơi, mới tới ngày nắng ấm…

Lời người ra đi - Trần Hoàn - Khí nhạc: Nguyễn Đình Nghĩa 

ake my little free time to do some updates for the workshop, it’s covered with layers of dust after months without any woodworking projects 😢. First is the wall – mounted kayak rack, a simple structure to stack – up my boats to better utilize the room’s space. Seen mounted on the rack are my HW – 2 & HW – 3 kayaks. The HW – 1 canoe has been in dis – use for a very long time already, so I decided to turn it into… a shelf!

Cut out the aft part, attach a MDF sheet to make a standing base, erect it upright et voilà, you have a shelf to store various miscellaneous things! 😀 I was a bit hesitating in “scarifying” a canoe in such a way, but I would stick with sea kayaks for some years to come, would be back to canoes at an uncertain time. Also, I’m in the initial stage of planning for my next build, something I would start by designing it, or at least learn to design it!