la maritza

Tous les oiseaux de ma rivière,
Nous chantaient la liberté.
Moi je ne comprenais guère…

ained some experiences in video editing, I hope the compilings below will better convey my moods while “patrolling” a boat in a “waltz dance” on water! 😀 Fish – eye camera is superb for outdoor’s wide sceneries, it creates an illusion that… the earth sphere is such small, and we could circumnavigate it in no time! 😀 Hate Youtube compression, it considerably degrades image quality, can hardly see the rain drops like in my original version.

Rains, I can say, it’s the most pleasure thing to me to go paddling in heavy rain, and even more fun in stronger winds and waves! La Maritza c’est ma rivière, comme la Seine est la tienne… the story began like that… Enjoy the video, and the stunningly beautiful Sylvie Vartan’s song too!

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