BXP museum

have been loving BXP’s paintings for long but didn’t know that there is a private museum for his life & work right here in HCM city. Address: 357/2 Nguyễn Trọng Tuyển, Tân Bình district. It’s wonderful to come and adore the master pieces in closed – quarter. Then when I came across one of his painting, I recognized it immediately ! Yes, he painted my place!

You may not remember it, in images, the charming blue mountain ridge, the white flowers that were once everywhere on the hills. But you know, by your ears, the rhythm of waves, the murmur of winds will forever remain remembered in your once childish mind… Here, the painter observed the Sơn Trà mountain from Mỹ Khê beach, he did the painting sometime between July, 08th and August, 30th, 1981 in Đà Nẵng. I attach a picture of the mountain here… for one who’d remembered, you’ll recognize the painting immediately! Things change, people changes, there’s no sail boats anymore… but shape of the mountain and my memory remains untouched with time…

My little art work (done with Photoshop), which shows a very typical ethnical facial properties!

La montagne, la mer et les bateaux là, toute ma jeunesse…

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